lyrical dance awards

"Girl Interrupted", Lyrical Small Group was selected as the “Judges Choice Award for this region.  This is a high honor and comes from heavy competition.  One “Judges’ Choice” Award routine is nominated at each regional FDC competition. A video of each nominee’s routine has been posted on the FDC Web Site throughout the regional season.  Viewers nationwide vote for their favorite routine at the conclusion of the regional season via the FDC Web Site during a specified window of time from June 14-June 25, 2010.


dance scholarships

Caroline Easom: Won the Heart & Soul 2010 Scholarship

This scholarship is given each year to a student at ADFA by the parents of Melissa Manning who is now a professional dancer.  ADFA helped Melissa reach her goal and her parents wish to help other dancers fulfill their dreams.  The student who earns this honor has an amazing passion for dance.  Her commitment and sacrifice is extraordinary and her support to her other team mates is   and commitment toward dance. 

outstanding dancer awards

Cori Hammond: Won Outstanding Dancer for 2010

This award is given to the student who demonstrates the highest commitment and incredible work ethic.  This award is given to honor Sadie’s parents and their hard work and commitment they have shown through their life.  Sadie’s parents always told her to reach for her dreams, put in hard work and make sacrifices and you will attain all your dreams. 

dance achievements

Alexandria Mills: Won Outstanding Achievement in Dance

This award is given to a younger student at the dance studio that also demonstrates commitment to dance and a strong work ethic. 

nyc ballet achievement awards

Chloe Ellis: Won Outstanding Achievement in Dance

She has also received acceptance into the American Ballet Theatre in NYC.  ABT has earned a reputation for being the most thorough and rewarding dance experience a student can have. 









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